Which women are in the top 100 advertisers of the year?

4,934 women in the world are now in the ads department at the moment, and according to a new study, we’re the only species without an exclusive club.

The study, conducted by the consultancy PwC, found that just 5.5% of all advertising in the US is directed to women, down from the 15% of ads directed to men in 2015.

But PwCs research suggests that there’s a huge gap between how we perceive the gender gap in advertising and how it actually is, with the number of women on adverts hovering around the 1% mark in the first quarter of this year.

“What we find is that we’re not seeing as much as we’d like,” Pwcs chief executive David Fries said.

“The reason is that in terms of marketing spending, we haven’t seen as much activity targeting women in general, and also in terms at the advertising end, where the advertising is targeted towards men.”

In terms of advertising, women are not the primary consumer audience.

And so it’s really hard to get the message out that advertising is focused on men, but that’s where we’re stuck.

“PwC’s research was conducted in 2017 and looked at how women across the world viewed advertising.

In the US alone, it found that the percentage of women who saw ads was around 1.5%.

That means that about one in 10 ads are targeted to women.

But women are still a tiny proportion of the US population, with women making up only 11.4% of the total US population.

In fact, Pwc found that only 11% of US women are active advertisers, compared to 42.4%.”

We know that there are still women who want to be in advertising,” Fries told the BBC.”

But there’s no denying that there is a gender gap there.

“The study also looked at which ads were most popular among women, finding that while ads targeting women were more popular than those targeting men, women were actually far more likely to watch ads in the latter category.”

We’re also seeing a very high concentration of women buying advertising,” said Fries.”

And so what’s really interesting is that when you look at the categories of advertising that are most popular for women, the number one category that we find the most advertising is in the space of women’s health.””

It’s certainly a gender issue, and I think it’s something that we need to continue to address.

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