Which of these women is the most influential woman in advertising?

As you might expect, there’s a huge difference between the female voices we hear from women and the ones we hear on TV and the internet.

Here are the top women-led companies and organizations that have made strides to change the way they work.


Amazon (AMZN)Amazon.com (AMAZ)Amazon’s (AMT) chief executive, Jeff Bezos, has spent much of his career fighting for women’s rights.

He championed women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, and in 2016 he launched the #GrabYourWallet campaign, where women could make a payment to help fund women’s education.

He’s also fought for the rights of transgender people and made the #PayItForward campaign, which encourages businesses to make more money for women.

In 2017, Amazon became the first U.S. company to allow female staff to make up 40% of its workforce.

Bezos has made significant strides in his efforts to change how he runs Amazon.

In February, Amazon introduced its first female engineer, who will work directly with the engineering team to streamline the company’s engineering and IT processes.

Amazon has also made some notable strides in gender equality in its workplace.

In November, Amazon announced a diversity agreement with the U.K.’s government and made gender-neutral pronouns optional on the Amazon website.

In December, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he would give away $1 million in Amazon stock in recognition of the gender pay gap at Amazon.com.


Apple (AAPL)The tech industry is often characterized as a place where women are paid less than men.

However, recent research shows that women are doing well in tech despite these perceptions.

A study from the Center for American Progress, for instance, found that women earn $1.8 million less than their male counterparts in tech jobs, and they make only 77 cents for every dollar that men make.

This is despite the fact that women make up nearly 50% of all tech workers in the U, and women hold 20% of the U’s tech jobs.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook has also been outspoken about the gender wage gap, arguing that companies should be required to pay women at least the same as their male peers.


Netflix (NFLX)Netflix (NFLN) Netflix has been on the front lines of digital video for years.

It has become the go-to destination for streaming movies and TV shows.

This year, the company became the only entertainment company to offer both pay-per-view and HD streaming services.

In May, the streaming company announced that it would add a pay-to-play model to its subscription-based service, which will allow customers to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to their favorite shows.

Netflix has also worked to diversify its workforce and increase the number of women in leadership positions.

In 2016, the network announced it was introducing a “Pay It Forward” initiative, in which it will give away 100% of any subscription revenue from its pay-TV service to women who have worked in tech.


Google (GOOG)The Internet is an ever-changing place, and while some women are starting to take more visible roles in the tech world, it remains a largely male-dominated industry.

Google is no different.

The company’s chief executive and chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a man and is the only woman in the company.

Google also recently launched a paid maternity leave program, which lets employees take paid leave if their partner is working at Google.

This means that if you’re a mother, for example, you can take leave to care for a child.

This has led to criticism from women’s organizations, but Google says the benefits outweigh the risks, saying it is providing women with an opportunity to pursue their passions while also maintaining a strong workforce.

Google recently announced a gender pay equity fund that will invest in companies that invest in equity in senior leadership positions for women and their partners.


Facebook (FB)Facebook has long been an advocate for women in technology.

In 2015, Facebook launched the Women in Tech initiative, which is designed to help female employees get paid more than their peers.

In March 2017, Facebook announced it would create a women-centric accelerator program to help companies increase the diversity of their teams and improve the experience for women, and the company has since launched a $2 billion program to support companies to increase the numbers of women at the top of leadership.

The program has helped companies increase women’s participation in their tech leadership ranks by more than 60%.


Google X (GNS)Google is not the only company to have a gender equity program, but it’s the first to focus on women.

Google’s women-focused program is called the Google X program.

Google announced in 2017 that it will invest $250 million in women-specific startups, including startups that support women in the workplace and offer paid maternity and paternity leave. 7. Amazon

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