When will we start seeing the latest Nike ad?

Posted May 06, 2019 09:01:37The Nike logo is seen on a shoe as people hold up a banner that reads “Nike, You’re Great” at a Nike Store in Shanghai, China, May 07, 2019.

Reuters/Carlos BarriaThe ad, which debuted on the heels of a Nike+ launch in China, was met with some mixed reviews.

Some critics questioned its use of the word “great” instead of “great,” while others noted that the shoe’s marketing and branding could use a little more love.

“The ad has gotten mixed reviews,” said Nick Sosnowski, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Michigan.

“A lot of people don’t get it, but it’s one of those spots where they are very much trying to reach out to people, so I think the best way to describe it is it’s kind of trying to be an ‘X’ in an ‘I’ spot.”

The ad features a woman walking in a busy shopping mall, with her hair down and wearing a Nike shirt with a white logo, which is a nod to the brand’s iconic white Nike Air Max shoes.

She is followed by two men who appear to be on a shopping spree, one holding up a shirt with the words “You’re Great.”

The logo is used for both the shoe and the clothing.

The two men are in a dark grey suit, and they are clearly not sporting white sneakers.

The ad also uses the word Nike to describe the shoe.

Sosnowski said the Nike+ ad was “the best ad I’ve seen in years” and that it showed a brand with a “great history” and an “extraordinary brand” in a new market.

He added that Nike has “always been a brand that people want to buy” and has “had a lot of success in China and other countries.”

The company is trying to use the success of the ad to promote its shoes in the United States, Sosntowski said.

“I think the shoe has become synonymous with Nike, and it’s not going to be a long time before the shoes are ubiquitous,” he said.

“So if the shoe continues to be successful, I think people are going to keep wearing it.”

The Nike+ shoe is priced at $99 and can be purchased at participating retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon and the Best Buy online.

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