When Google decides what it wants in an ad: You might want to read this

article article Advertisers are increasingly looking to build a better, faster, more efficient ad experience than what’s already available, and they’re looking for the right ad to do it.

That means the next ad should deliver on the promise of a click and be relevant to the targeted audience.

And the right one can be anything from an ad for a new type of app to a brand new ad that can run in a browser.

“It’s a big deal to be able to say, ‘OK, this is the best ad that we can do to reach our users,'” said Chris McAndrew, who oversees the company’s ad technology for Google.

Advertiser needs the right tech to reach the right audience, McAndrew added.

But the right technology doesn’t come cheap.

That’s the topic of today’s episode of our podcast.

Today, we’re joined by AdMob’s CEO, John Denton, to talk about what it takes to build the right kind of ad for your customers.

And we’ve got a lot more to share about ad technology, the business and consumer web, and the future of online advertising in the coming weeks.

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Today we’re looking at how to build and optimize the right type of ad.

That includes what kinds of data to collect, what kind of targeting to use, and how to deliver those targeted ads to the right audiences.

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