When do we stop buying newspapers?

With newspaper subscriptions dropping, Americans are moving to apps like Snapchat and Facebook to find the right content to read and share.

But while it’s easy to share news with your friends, it’s not always possible to access your favorite stories from the comfort of your own home.

And the best way to find out what your friends are reading is to read their news feeds.

Read moreNewsFeed.com and the Associated Press teamed up to find which local newspapers and news sites readers are reading.

To determine which local papers you are reading, click on a publication’s name on the left side of the page.

Then click on the link that looks like this:For example, if you are looking at the NewsFeed app on the Apple TV, you will see the app title: “Readers are reading this article.”

If you are using the News Feed app on a smartphone, the app’s name will look like this.

For example:The AP also looked at news items on social media.

For example, the Washington Post had about 6,000 mentions in the first three months of this year, but only about 2,500 mentions in February, March and April.

This indicates that readers are not reading the paper, and instead are sharing the articles with their friends and family members.

The AP found that the majority of readers are also using social media to share stories, but they are not sharing them in the same way.

The majority of social media posts in February and March were from people who are not members of the AP or the AP’s sister publication, the Wall Street Journal.

In the third quarter of 2017, only about 5 percent of Americans were actively reading news online.

In the first quarter of this years, that number was about 10 percent.

The AP’s analysis shows that people are not only sharing their news and stories to social media, they are also posting them to other social media platforms.

People are sharing stories on Instagram and Twitter and are posting images, video, text and even text-based stories, too.

People also are posting their news stories to the site Reddit and Facebook, but this does not necessarily indicate the extent to which they are actively reading their local papers.

The newsroom of the Associated Statesman, which provides print and online editions of The Arizona Republic and Arizona Republic, was closed for six weeks due to the closure of its newsroom.

This means that some of the newspaper’s stories are still being read.

This article is being updated.

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