Twitter’s ad unit is getting paid by advertisers

The tweet-sharing service is starting to get paid by some of the biggest brands and advertisers, including a major online ad network, The Verge has learned.

The revelation comes just days after Twitter was forced to admit that it was violating terms of service in at least three countries.

Twitter’s own ad policy was first revealed to the media by a Twitter user, who claimed that the platform’s ad system was allowing companies to pay for tweets that they could then sell.

The company has since admitted that it did not actually use its advertising system to pay companies, but it has not been able to confirm if any ads were purchased by third parties.

According to a tweet from Twitter’s VP of ads and marketing Matt Cottrell, “This is our second revenue-sharing agreement with an ad network this month.

This is the first one that we’re paying them for.”

Twitter has had an agreement with advertising network A3 for some time, but the deal was not announced until it was announced that it would be paid by the ad network.

The deal would have paid Twitter to allow advertisers to advertise to the service.

According the Verge, Twitter’s agreement with A3 is a “previously undisclosed arrangement” that was not disclosed to the public until now.

The Verge said that A3 was “among the first advertising networks to begin to pay Twitter” and that the deal “is the first time the company has been paid to advertise on Twitter” after previously paying third parties to advertise there.

Twitter has not revealed what types of advertisers were paid for the agreement.

Twitter has been able, for a few months now, to get around the terms of its advertising agreement with third parties, such as the ad networks that A5 paid for Twitter to let them use the service, and A3 and A4, which paid Twitter for Twitter’s ability to allow third-party advertising to appear on the service without having to pay the company.

The agreement with advertisers was signed back in April of this year.

Twitter previously told the media that it had never paid any third parties for their advertisements to appear in the service’s search results, though it was recently reported that advertisers had paid Twitter over $5 million to advertise with them in search results.

A3 paid over $1.2 million to show up in search, though A4 did not pay over that amount.

Twitter declined to comment on whether or not its ads were paid by third-parties, but confirmed that it has never paid third parties specifically.

The company said in a blog post that the agreement was part of a broader agreement with the ad industry.

Twitter also disclosed that it paid third- parties to show ads to search results in its news feed, and the ad deal with A4 was a “multi-year deal.”

A spokesperson for A3 told the Verge that it is aware of the new deal with Twitter and is in discussions with the company about its future revenue sharing arrangements.

The spokesperson said that it plans to release additional information about its agreement with Twitter over the next few weeks.

Twitter had previously acknowledged that it pays third-parts to show their ads in its search results for advertisers.

The social network said that the ad-sharing deal with the Ad Age network is one of several agreements that it and A5 have been in over the past few years.

In the past, Twitter has been criticized for using its advertising network to pay third parties based on the amount of ads that the companies pay for their ads to appear, and Twitter acknowledged in 2016 that it used the company’s advertising system and its own ad system to allow brands to pay advertisers for ads to be shown to the user.

Twitter said at the time that it only allowed third- and fourth-partners to advertise in search for certain ads.

In January, Twitter announced a series of changes to its ad system, including an ad-blocking option that it said was part a “continuous update” of its ad network in which the company had not previously used to pay users.

However, the new policy that Twitter announced on Wednesday means that Twitter will be able to allow users to opt-in to having their ads appear on its search page, but not on the news feed.

The new policy is only available in the United States, but is expected to roll out to the rest of the world over the coming months.

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