The worst ads for 2018: Here are the worst Google ads for 2017

Google’s top ad seller is also one of the most frequently cited ad providers, as the search giant has made a concerted push to improve its advertising business.

But the search engine giant is not just targeting its top advertisers with its most popular ads.

The company is also investing heavily in its online advertising business to help pay for new initiatives.

It has recently expanded its online ad inventory to include the most popular and highest-performing search queries in the US and Europe, in a move that is sure to add to its advertising revenue.

Google’s chief marketing officer, Brad Smith, told the Financial Times that the move is to “help us compete with the likes of Facebook and Amazon”.

The company’s move comes after it announced it had launched a rival, ad network, AdWords, which is set to become more competitive than Google’s own. 

AdWords is the largest online ad network in the world, accounting for over a third of Google’s total ad revenue. 

The company is offering a range of ad products and services, including advertising placement, targeted ads and search, to advertisers, including many of the world’s largest tech companies.

AdWords has also been testing an advertising-focused app, Adsense, which Google has been experimenting with since September.

Adsense was launched in October, and is currently being rolled out to users in more than 20 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, India, the US, Australia, Russia, Turkey and Canada.

But Google has a different focus than AdSense. 

Google’s main goal is to make sure it does not lose its position as the world leader in online advertising, said Smith. 

“The fact that we have been the biggest search engine in the history of the internet means that it’s easy to get our hands on new things and be innovative. 

We want to create something that’s more than just a platform,” Smith told the FT. 

A recent analysis by Google found that more than half of the ads that appear on Google’s homepage have originated from Google. 

According to Google, it generates more than 30% of online advertising revenue, and the company expects to see that figure rise to 40% by 2020. 

In 2017, Google reported a record $7.7bn in advertising revenue from its advertising network, and $8.1bn from search ads. 

Smith said that Google was making sure it did not lose that position, and said that AdSense and AdWords would be its “biggest investments” this year. 

With AdSense, Google will focus on the top 25 search queries and 30+ of its most-popular queries, and will then offer advertisers targeted ad placements for these queries. 

Users will be able to select from more than 70 different ad formats, including traditional print, digital, video, audio, and text. 

At the same time, Google is launching AdSense Plus, which will offer advertisers a range to choose from, including “social, mobile, and paid”. 

AdSense Plus will offer users the option to use AdSense to display ads directly in the Google Search results, or to allow the user to see them from the top of the results, with the option of adding the ads to their browsing history. 

On Tuesday, Google announced that it had created a new ad network for digital advertising, AdSense Enterprise, which allows advertisers to create and display their own ad campaigns. 

 Smith did not provide any further details about how AdSense could impact the online advertising industry, saying that the company is in discussions with “many” advertisers and partners.

“We are excited about AdSense,” Smith said.

“We’re excited about the potential of the AdSense platform, and we’re excited by the opportunity to help advertisers create and scale their advertising campaigns.

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