The Wall St. Journal: Starbucks buys Canaan advertisers

Starbucks is buying Canaan advertising,creating an ad for a new brand, and launching a TV advertising campaign for a local brand, the Journal reported.

Starbucks shares closed at $59.40 on Tuesday, down 2 cents.

Canaan was founded in 2014 by the Dutch advertising agency Lola, and its ads are part of the company’s global reach.

It is also one of the top brands for young consumers, and the company has a reputation for producing effective ads that capture attention and turn heads.

Lola’s other major clients include Adidas, Dior, and Vodafone.

Lolita has done well for itself in recent years, and is now owned by global advertising powerhouse Dentsu.LOLANA’S REWARDS FOR ACCEPTING NEW PRODUCTSStarbucks is offering $1,000 for an individual or $10,000 to $50,000 in gift cards for its Canaan ad campaign.

Starbucks said it would use the money to help support the company and its brands, as well as to fund the Canaan team, the WSJ reported.

In an effort to keep its brand on the map, Starbucks also is expanding its Canaman brand, including an online store and an online loyalty program.

The company is launching a Canaan-branded coffee, called Coffee for Everyone, in October.

In addition to its Canavan ads, Starbucks has a digital ad campaign that has been running for months and features a woman in a red dress who is holding a cup of coffee and is singing the song “Canaan,” in the background.LIVE STREAMING WITH STARCUBEIn addition, the coffee company is rolling out a new way for customers to stream its Canamen ads on its mobile apps, the company said in a blog post.

The new streaming service is called Canaman Stream, and it will launch this week.

The service will provide customers the ability to watch the ads and listen to the songs that are used in the Canamen campaigns, the blog post said.STARCUBES FIRST INTERNET PRODUCTSIn addition with its Cananan campaign, Starbucks is also launching a new Canavan-branded website, a new app called Canavan for Everyone that is available on Android and iOS, and a new video streaming app called CoffeeStream that is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The company also is investing in new technology, such as a new logo and brand name for its online store, the Wall Street Wall Street Daily reported.

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