‘The next generation of footwear’: Nike’s NikeLab unveils its newest sneakers

NikeLab has unveiled the latest iteration of its NikeLab range of shoes.

Launched on April 15, the NikeLab Ultra series of shoes includes the Air Max X and the Air Jordan XI, as well as the Nike Zoom 4.3.

They are all designed to compete with the Nike Air Max XI and Nike Zoom 5.

The shoes are available in a range of different colourways and models, including the AirMax X, AirMax 1, Air Max 3 and Air Max 4, as shown below:All models have a midsole made of leather and a midfoot, heel and forefoot, that is also made of soft synthetic leather.

The shoes feature a rubber sole, in addition to the midsole, that has been specifically designed to be more flexible and less prone to tearing.

The sole is made from high quality leather, with the leather being pressed and treated to make the sole more resistant to scuffing.

The rubber sole is also available in three colourways, blue, grey, and black.

The shoe’s sole has been designed with a design that is “inspired by the timeless style of sneakers”, according to NikeLab.

It has a curved toe box and is designed to create an ergonomic feel.

It also has a removable heel plate.

The NikeLab brand is well known for the premium design of its footwear.

It’s the only footwear company to have a dedicated sneaker line, which was launched in 2004, and it’s also one of the first companies to create a range with a custom branding.

The company has now created a range for women that has a similar design and design ethos to its own.

The NikeLab line is the latest addition to a growing list of premium footwear brands, with companies such as NikeLab, Reebok and Nike even making their own high-end footwear for women.

In a statement to CNBC, NikeLab said: “With the launch of NikeLab sneakers, we’re bringing the ultimate luxury, comfort and quality to women with the same iconic NikeLab look, comfort, comfort.

We look forward to sharing this incredible new look with all our fans.”

Source: CNBC

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