The most popular celebrity advertisements in America today

On Tuesday, the Associated Press revealed the most popular commercial for Coca-Cola in the U.S. The most-viewed commercial, “Love Me Like You Do,” aired in December, was sponsored by Coca-Co. The ad shows a man holding up a poster for the product’s most famous slogan.

“Love me like you do,” it says, which has become the slogan of a Coca-cola ad campaign.

“If you love your Coke, you’re loved by Coca Cola,” the ad concludes.

The company has since released a statement clarifying that “Love” is a popular phrase.

“Coca-Cola is a family-owned company,” the statement reads.

“We recognize the importance of being loved and we understand the passion that many Americans feel for their favorite beverages.

We understand that love can be a powerful force in our lives.

We do not take our message of love for our products and services too seriously.”

This was not the first time Coca-Cola has come under fire for promoting a slogan that has become a catchphrase.

The beverage company was criticized in January for advertising “Proud of You,” which was originally a slogan for a commercial featuring singer Miley Cyrus.

The slogan, which translates to “Pleased to Meet You,” was used as a tagline for a movie starring Miley and the song “Wrecking Ball” by the band Fleetwood Mac.

“Pressed down,” the song, by the group Fleetwood, features a line from Cyrus’ “Dangerous Woman” lyrics: “I feel like I’m going to cry, because I’m proud of you, Daddy, and you’re not just a girl, you are a man.”

The song was criticized by some people for glorifying violence against women.

In a statement, Coca-Pepa apologized for “pandering” to people’s “gender stereotypes,” adding that the company’s “prestige, integrity and value are founded on our commitment to create the best possible products and experiences for our customers.”

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