The Google ad network is ‘shopping for you’

Google is using the Google ad networks ad network to market its books and other content online.

The advertising giant is also buying up the rights to other advertising products, including those from the online bookseller e-bookstore iBookstore.

It’s a move that would be highly controversial among publishers and booksellers.

But Google has been quietly buying up rights to the ad networks since 2013, when it bought up the US company iBook, which has sold more than 200 million books worldwide.

As part of the deal, Google will now also pay the rights holder for the right to advertise on the ad network, according to an article published by Reuters news agency.

“It is an extremely aggressive strategy to buy the rights from the publishers, but also a very clever one,” said David Ewbank, senior digital strategy manager at book publisher Penguin Random House.

The ad network has been around for a decade, but it has become increasingly popular with publishers and authors who use it to market their content online, as well as with consumers who download the content.

A Google spokesperson said it was “a great opportunity to help our customers find the right content and publishers to advertise to”.

The deal comes after Google bought the rights for its ad network for $6.2 billion last year.

Google bought iBook for $1.2bn last year, and it also bought the right for the rights holders to sell advertising to publishers, as a separate deal, but the deal with Penguin Random Bookstore is the first to go public.

Its the first time a book publisher has been paid to sell ad space to Google.

It is not clear how much the deal is worth to the publisher, but according to Reuters it is “significantly more than the average book sale for the past five years”.

Penguin Random House’s founder and CEO, John Birt, said the deal was a significant step towards “creating the best digital experience for our readers and our advertisers”.

“Google is investing in the future of advertising with its purchase of Penguin Random Books,” he said in a statement.

Birt said the company would continue to invest in ad technology.

Advertisers like Amazon and Microsoft, he said, “need to ensure their online ads deliver results that align with their digital objectives and give readers and advertisers the best experience”.

Google has been selling ads in its search results since at least 2011.

But the move could be viewed by some as a sign of how much it has been looking to grow its digital advertising businesses.

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