The ‘discovery of a major vulnerability’ in the ad network’s AdSense business

Ars Technic’s Matt Mullenweg has written about an ad network vulnerability discovered in the last two days that could affect millions of people worldwide.

The flaw is described in a blog post from AdMob, the company behind AdSense, which has been the target of a number of attacks.

The flaw was found by researchers at Microsoft Research.

It was originally identified in August by researcher Ben Soderberg, who found that the vulnerability could be exploited to inject malicious ads into an AdSense account.

The exploit, called AdMeter, works by sending a user’s browsing history to a server in order to determine the site that the user is visiting, then allowing the malicious ad to be displayed.

This means that the malicious ads are always displayed on the user’s current site, regardless of whether the user wants them to be or not.

AdMeter has been used to target a number people and businesses, including the Federal Reserve, the Federal Communications Commission, and Google, but the flaw was first spotted last week by a researcher named Matt Mullens, who discovered the vulnerability and wrote about it on his blog.

This is a major news story.

As you probably know, this vulnerability has been found and is being actively investigated by Microsoft Research and the Microsoft Research team.

It is also a great example of how to get the most out of a system with some serious security issues.

In this case, the flaw is only in one AdMabers AdSense program and not the whole network, which means it can’t be exploited with ad-tracking malware, which would allow anyone to find the user.

It could also be exploited by third parties, who would then use this flaw to redirect people to malicious websites.

The AdMob researchers identified the vulnerability on their own servers, which are located in the United States, but they used Microsoft Research’s exploit to test the vulnerability.

They discovered that a flaw in the AdMabeater service could be used to inject malware into AdSense accounts, allowing malicious ads to be seen in a user account.

They also found that other AdMabs services, such as a service that provides tracking capabilities to AdMob users, could be affected by the vulnerability, too.

The vulnerabilities that Microsoft researchers identified are a small vulnerability that can be exploited through the use of a simple Java web application to inject an ad.

It’s not clear what malicious code was injected, but Mullenwg reports that it can be used by a malicious app to redirect users to a malicious website.

Microsoft Research says that it discovered the bug after a researcher discovered it on their servers, and the researchers said that they found a similar issue in the company’s AdMob service.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the blog post, but it was published on Thursday, and Microsoft says that they’ve contacted AdMob about the issue.

The researchers said in their blog post that AdMob has been working on fixing the vulnerability in the past week, and that they are currently investigating the issue with Microsoft Research as well.

AdMob says it will make further announcements about the vulnerability after it’s patched.

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