The Best Ads from Super Bowl Ads 2016

The 2016 Super Bowl was the first time that advertising had become a political issue.

But this year, there was an advertising campaign that made political ads more political.

The ad in question, for the Montgomery advertiser, was the same one that ran in 2014 and 2015.

The Montgomery advertisers ads featured a montage of people with signs reading “Vote Hillary!” and “Vote Bernie!” on their backs.

The line: “Don’t vote for the DNC.

Vote for the man!”

But what really drew attention to the ads was the campaign’s message: “Vote Trump!”

The ad ran in print ads in several major newspapers in the state of Alabama, including the Montgomery Advertiser.

And by the time it aired on the air, the political message had been embraced by the state party, which used the ad as a launching pad to get more voters to the polls.

The campaign’s biggest hit was in the South, where it helped the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, pull off a sweep of the states that included Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas.

Trump’s success in Alabama in the general election has led to the ad’s continued use by the Montgomery advertising firm, which is responsible for a slew of ads from Super Sunday.

“It was a huge hit,” says Andrew Branson, the ad agency’s chief creative officer.

The political message of the ad, which ran in 2016, helped drive a massive wave of Trump support.

It was so successful that the company, which was based in Atlanta, is now expanding in Alabama, recruiting more political talent from outside the state.

“They were like, ‘What if we could use this against Hillary Clinton?’

And we said, ‘Well, we can use it against Trump, too,'” Branson says.

The ads were also seen by some who voted for Trump.

“This was a very well-received piece of advertising, and I think it helped to show that we could do a good job,” says state Rep. David Lewis, a Montgomery Republican who voted in 2016.

“The people of Montgomery had a real positive experience with Donald Trump in that election,” he adds.

“I think the Montgomery ads helped get them out to vote.”

The ad was also seen as a turning point for Montgomery.

“When I was running for the office, we had a lot of candidates that were coming out and talking about how much Montgomery loved their politics, and how proud they were to be here,” Lewis says.

“And that just kind of helped us win elections.”

Branson and the Montgomery ad firm began looking into ways to expand beyond the state, and found a place to advertise its political message in New York City.

“In the years that we were doing ads in New Jersey, we were just getting our feet wet,” Branson explains.

“We wanted to be more successful in New Hampshire, and we were starting to really see a lot more of success in New England, so it was just a natural fit for us.”

In 2018, the ads ran in the ads section of the New York Times, with a focus on the campaign.

“That was a big hit, to see New Yorkers say, ‘We voted for you, and it worked,'” Brison says.

A year later, the company is expanding into Pennsylvania, Georgia and Ohio.

In 2019, the New Hampshire ad team is working on a campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Catherine Cortez Masto.

In 2020, the Montgomery campaign is looking into a campaign in Florida, and in the next election, it is planning to do a spot for Florida Republican Senate candidate Charlie Crist.

The advertising is one of the main reasons that the Montgomery Advertising Agency is in business, Branson said.

“You can’t say no to this.

It’s one of those things where you get people to go to work, and that’s what we do,” he says.

With a massive voter turnout of more than three million people in 2016 and a record turnout of nearly 2.5 million in 2016 — which helped catapult the Democratic nominee for governor, Charlie Crist, to a record victory — the Montgomery Agency has seen a big uptick in its ad spending over the past few years.

“What we’ve been seeing in the last year is a very real change in the electorate,” Brison said.

That change in voter turnout, Brison argues, was due to the fact that the American people are not simply fed up with the politics of the last four years.

They want the same things that the Democrats have, but they want to see it happen more quickly.

“So we’ve got a really good sense of how we can deliver on that,” Brionson said.

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