Snapchat ads to help win over women with autism

A new campaign is using Snap to encourage women with Autism Spectrum Disorder to participate in an advertising campaign.

The campaign, called Embrace Autism, is a partnership between Snap and the Embrace Group, an Autism Awareness Network that’s trying to raise awareness about autism through social media.

The group is hoping the campaign will help them to attract more women to their platform and build awareness of the disorder.

The Embrace Network is looking to attract new women to its platform in the U.S. and Canada.

“We wanted to get a platform to promote and connect women with ASD, to create a place where they can share their stories, and connect with other women who share their experience,” said Samantha Wyshynski, Embrace’s marketing director.

“And they can be part of the conversation around the issue.”

WysHynski said that she and the company’s marketing team were looking for a partner that would be responsive to Snap’s needs and would be able to build the platform for women who have ASD.

Embrace has worked with other brands such as Microsoft, Adidas, Microsoft and Sony to build similar programs around ASD.

“Snap has a lot of success with women, and they’re just looking for ways to reach more women,” WysSki said.

The goal is to get as many women on Snap as possible, but to do that, she said, it will need to be a more targeted effort.

“It’s about reaching out to those that are going through the same thing as you and understanding their issues and the challenges they face,” she said.

“I think Snap has a huge opportunity here to do just that.”

Embrace launched the Embracing Autism app in early April.

Its goal is for Snap to be the leading social media platform for autism and to connect people with other people with ASD.

The app is free, but the ads it will run will cost $5 a month to use.

The ads will be free for the first six months, but will be $10 a month thereafter.

WysWys said Snap is interested in partnering with Embrace because it will help connect more women with the disorder and help the Embers network reach new women.

“What it does is it’s really just connecting them to people and connecting them with people they care about, and it’s very empowering,” she explained.

“This is a community that really wants to help each other and have support.”

“It will be fun to see what happens when Snap is really engaging with the Embing community,” Wrykynski said.

According to Embrace, the Embes are trying to reach out to women with disabilities by encouraging them to participate and giving them access to social media, podcasts, and other resources.

Wrywys said the app will provide a safe place for women to talk about their issues.

The company is currently looking for partners in the US and Canada, and said that it hopes to have a pilot program up and running in the next few months.

Development Is Supported By

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