New ad campaign launches for Firefly adverts

With its latest ad campaign, the Australian financial giant is hoping to make its first splash with its Firefly ad, a line-up of Firefly-branded branded products.

Firefly, a new online advertising platform launched by Australian Financial Group last week, has been running a series of Firefly branded ads, including the ‘Aussie’ series of products.

The new campaign aims to showcase Australia’s ‘beautiful’ beaches and beach resorts, and is aimed at both consumers and locals alike.

The ads are designed to give consumers a glimpse into the brand and its brand ambassadors, including a line up of Firefly products.

This is all done with a modern and stylish look that’s both ‘Australian’ and fun to watch.

The Firefly brand has been created as part of a larger marketing campaign to increase brand awareness, with Firefly branding being part of the overall Australian economy.

The brand also includes products from brands like Adidas, Adidas Plus, Levi’s and Nike, all of which are part of Firefly’s broader business.

Firefly’s Firefly ad campaign is part of its broader strategy of connecting with the Australian consumer, the company said in a statement.

“The brand is constantly expanding its reach to meet the demands of the growing Australian economy,” the statement reads.

“To this end, Firefly has launched a new line of Firefly brand branded products in Australia and is expanding its advertising in the coming months.”

“This campaign, along with our other recent advertising campaigns, aims to engage Australians and local communities on a range of issues.

The campaign will showcase Australia in a way that reflects the diverse and multicultural community it represents.”

Australia’s newest advertising platform, Firefly, is set to launch in Australia in early 2017, with the first advertising run to begin next month.

The company said its Firefly ads would not target anyone in particular.

It said it had previously seen success in Australia with Firefly’s ‘Aus’ ad campaign that aired between 2010 and 2012.

In its statement, Firefly also said it was not trying to replace its advertising, but rather to promote Australian culture.

Its marketing team is also looking to target consumers in rural Australia who might be unfamiliar with Firefly brands, with an ad campaign for Australian farmers, or the ‘Grow’ series aimed at farmers and other businesses.

Firefly also plans to launch a new series of ads featuring its Australian employees, called Firefly Team, targeting Australia’s top brands and personalities.

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