Kerala’s billboard ads cost almost double in two years

Kerala’s billboards have been under increasing scrutiny over the last two years.

While they were being phased out, they were often seen to cost more than they were worth.

Now the state government is considering a bill that would see the state’s billboards spend a year paying back the cost of their advertising, an age that has long been a concern for the country’s commercial culture.

The billboards have long been seen as a way for commercial firms to reach their target audiences, especially in rural areas, where advertising is scarce.

It is also a time when companies try to create new business models by targeting groups with different needs and interests.

However, advertising costs have been increasing steadily for years and, according to the Kerala government, the cost to advertise billboards has risen to more than Rs 3 crore per year in 2016.

It has also been estimated that the state has spent nearly Rs 25,000 crore on advertising over the past two years, of which more than half was on billboards.

As many as 20% of Kerala’s population lives in rural districts, where the cost for advertising is more expensive.

And even the state governments’ own billboards, which were being built for commercial purposes, were often expensive to maintain.

“The cost of the billboards was also much higher than what we were paying for the billboards.

If we paid for the billboard at Rs 3.5 crore per billboard, the amount we were getting for it would have been around Rs 50 crore.

But we got Rs 40 crore for the same billboard,” Kirit Somashekaram, who heads the billboard and advertising division of the Kerala state government, told NDTV.

Kerala, a state of 7.5 million people, has been one of the most expensive places to advertise.

The state government has said that the cost per billboard for commercial advertising is around Rs 5,000.

According to a report in Times of India, the state spends over Rs 8,000 on advertising each year.

And as of 2016, Kerala was the only state in the country where the total cost of advertising in billboards was higher than the cost it actually generated.

The state government said that advertisements would be paid for by the advertising agency and that the advertisement would be distributed on a voluntary basis.

However, the advertisement agency has not been forthcoming about the cost.

Somashekaram said that, over the years, advertising has become a major revenue source for the state, which has been a major beneficiary of the tourism industry.

“We have got to pay for advertising, but we also have to pay taxes on the advertisements and this is a big challenge for us.

The tourism industry in Kerala has to generate revenue from the advertising,” he said.

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