‘It’s the first time in history’: How Facebook made a $5 million ad campaign for a presidential candidate’s campaign

Advertisers are turning to social media as they try to get in front of voters in upcoming presidential elections.

They are also trying to get their messages across to the people who might be the most passionate about the candidates or the issues.

But the company behind the $5-million presidential campaign ad campaign has a new way to get that message across: Facebook’s political advertising.

Facebook is turning to Facebook’s massive, publicly available data to help the company reach voters.

But Facebook’s politics data has long been known for its inaccuracy and political biases, making it difficult to predict which ads will reach voters, according to an internal review released by the company.

The new analysis is the latest effort to identify the accuracy and bias of Facebook’s data, which the company has repeatedly claimed is accurate.

Here’s how Facebook’s new political advertising program works.

How does Facebook’s Political Ads work?

Facebook is offering advertisers the ability to use Facebook’s vast, publicly-available political data to reach potential voters.

“We are using Facebook’s proprietary political data and political campaigns to help advertisers reach more people in ways that align with their audiences’ interests,” the company said in a statement.

Facebook will offer the ads only if the company can find “specific audiences in each country” that the ads target, Facebook said.

For example, the ads may target a demographic that is likely to vote for a Democratic candidate.

Facebook may also offer a different audience if it believes the ad target audience is a certain age group.

For instance, it could target a certain group of people who are younger than 18.

“Facebook will only offer the ad campaign if it can identify specific audiences in that country or demographic in each case,” the statement said.

Facebook also said it would only offer political ads to people who have been identified by the site’s algorithms as likely to be Facebook users.

But it will not offer political campaigns in other countries, such as the United Kingdom or France, or those with a specific political message.

Facebook did not say how many countries or demographics the company identified.

Facebook’s ad campaign will be available for purchase on Facebook and other platforms.

For more, read our explainer on Facebook’s upcoming political ads.

What does this mean for you?

Facebook has been offering its political ads for years, but its ads have been inconsistent and inaccurate.

The company has said its ads will be accurate in every country in which the ads are offered, but the data it provides is outdated.

Facebook said its new ad campaign is designed to reach specific audiences and that it will only target users who have registered for a Facebook account.

The political ads are available to people in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The ad campaign includes ads targeting both Republicans and Democrats, although Facebook has not disclosed the demographics targeted in the ads.

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