How to win over the new ad campaign of Dubuque, Iowa’s first black mayor

Dubuques ad agency, Dubuquettes, has put together an ad campaign in support of its first African-American mayor, and they’re targeting Dubuqian residents.

DubuQue, the agency that works on the presidential campaign, will send out flyers and buttons to mail to DubuQian residents this week.

It will also start an online campaign in which DubuQuette residents can donate to the campaign.

The campaign will be run by the agency’s president, Scott Soto.

The ad campaign was launched on Monday and will run for six days.

It features Dubuquerian rapper and actor Dajion Lewis, who has been active in the Dubu Que community, including organizing for the city’s economic development and health issues.

DubUque, which means “dub,” is the name of a city in the state of Iowa, where the Dubuaque Tribe was founded in 1872.

The Dubu Québec Tribe has been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which would run through the land belonging to the tribe. 

In February, DubuaQue residents marched in protest of the DAPL, which was built in response to an earlier oil spill in the area, but the tribe has been under attack since then.

Dubues first elected official was Dajin Lewis, a former football player, who is also a musician.

He also served as a Dubuqua Sioux tribe member for six years.

Lewis was recently featured in a documentary by HBO’s Inside the Dakota, in which he speaks about the ongoing struggle of the Dubucqan Nation.

The documentary will air on HBO on Tuesday. 

The ad will feature a line that reads, “Dajion, I’m tired of being the enemy.”

Dubuqs native actor, Derrick Clark, who plays the Dubuvouque, will also be featured in the ad.

He is the nephew of the man who is currently serving as mayor.

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