How to use ‘bully pulpit’ to raise money for charities

FASBULONI, Italy – The new slogan for the football club is a “bully” pulpit.

It’s all part of FASBAULO’s campaign to raise €1 million (US$1.5 million) in the coming months to help tackle the crisis in the country’s prisons.

It’s the latest effort by FASBRÜS to raise funds to help prisoners and inmates in Italy, which is currently suffering from one of the world’s highest levels of overcrowding.

The new slogan, unveiled this week, is based on the motto of FAST, which means Fast Forward, the first letter of which stands for the words “FAST FORWARD”.

It reads, “For every FASBOY who does not get fast forward to get out of prison, we will be there to help.

FASBIA is the fastest and most effective way to make a difference for those in need.”

The new campaign, which has been in the works since last August, has already seen the purchase of two new jerseys and a new crest for the club.

Its a campaign that will raise money to help the two major charities fighting against the crisis, the Italian Prisoners’ Association and the Prisoners Union of Italy.

The aim is to raise enough money to provide for the care of the men and women behind bars in Italy.

It is a long-term project that will cost FASBS a further €1.6 million.

The campaign aims to raise about €2.5m by the end of the year, although the club is not yet certain if it will be able to reach the target.

As part of the initiative, the club has also teamed up with a small Italian NGO, FASPACE, to offer “bonded bonds” to prisoners, which allow them to pay their fines through a credit card.

FASBBS will use the bonds to buy food and clothes for prisoners.

“We are not just raising funds for the two charities, but also for prisoners themselves,” FASBU president Luca Ciappa told BBC Sport.

“It’s an act of charity, and we are hoping to see more and more people use it.”

We need to raise a certain amount of money to pay our debts and make sure that we are getting the maximum benefit out of the bond.

“This is why we are trying to attract a wider audience, and make people aware of the bonds.”

The bond has a long term value, because if people use the bond they can keep it, even if they don’t pay for it, and they can contribute to our work.

“The new stadium in FASBATONA is due to be finished in December, and the club hopes to complete the new stadium and training ground within two years.

A new club crest has been designed, and its called “FASBATONS”, in homage to the former FASBURÜ, or football club, which came to the region in the early 1800s.

It is one of many new club logos that will be unveiled by FasBBS in the next few weeks.

The brand is the latest in a series of new projects that FASBCI is undertaking to bring the sport back to the community, from the new logo to the new crest to the upcoming home games against FASESO.”

We are excited to bring FASBITONIA to the fans, and hopefully, FAST FORTRESS will bring a change of atmosphere for the players and fans.”

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