How to stop mobile adverts from counting against your TV ratings

The mobile ad industry is already experiencing some serious trouble with adverts that are counted against your viewing figures, but new research shows that some advertisers are getting around it by counting on the fact that mobile phones can’t be counted against TV viewing figures.

The study, conducted by analytics firm Appadvisor, found that about a third of US mobile advertising clients said they used adverts to boost their mobile viewing figures when they were trying to target their audiences to a specific audience.

It also found that an additional two thirds of clients reported that they used mobile ads to boost mobile viewing numbers when targeting their targeted audiences to specific demographics.

The adverts, it found, are being counted against the viewing figures of those same demographics, with about half of the clients claiming they were using adverts when they intended to target to different demographics.

It’s not clear how many of the mobile ad clients in the study were targeting to different demographic groups, but Appadvisors data suggests that about half the ads are targeting to the same demographic group.

“Mobile viewing numbers are a very strong indicator of brand exposure, and advertisers can use this to increase their brand awareness, brand brand loyalty and brand awareness,” Appadrs co-founder and managing director Adam Shipp said.

“The problem is that there’s no clear way to count mobile viewing on a mobile device when the device is not being used, and we’ve seen a lot of confusion around this.”

In an interview with the BBC, Appadrator founder Adam Shipt said that he believes that there are some adverts which are “too smart for their own good”.

“We know there are a lot more clever ways to target with these ads, and I think they’re more effective, but some people are not paying enough attention to the ways that they’re actually targeting,” he said.

The app, which works by collecting information about a user’s devices usage, then attempts to categorise the ads based on whether they are targeting an audience or not.

The data it produces is then used to show a bar chart that shows how much mobile viewing is being targeted to specific demographic groups.

Appadrators mobile ad client statistics data for the US, 2016 shows that mobile ad spending accounts for about 20% of all mobile ad spend, but the firm found that the most popular mobile ad targeting strategy was targeting to an audience of a certain age group.

For example, one of the most common mobile ad campaigns targeting older adults targets younger adults who watch television on a daily basis, and the firm has identified several mobile ad ads which target people who are older than 65.

Another example is targeting to people aged over 65 who watch TV on a weekly basis, but who do not use a phone.

The majority of the ad campaigns targeted to younger adults also targeted older adults, the firm said.

Appads mobile ad data for US, 2017 shows a similar trend.

However, the mobile industry is seeing some major growth in the usage of mobile ad targeted to different age groups, particularly in the last year.

AppAdvisor has noticed that the growth in mobile ad activity is accelerating, and is currently tracking the number of ads that are being served to different ages and demographics, and app usage.

App Advertisers revenue from mobile ad purchases is forecast to increase from $1.2bn in 2016 to $2.4bn in 2019.

The firm is currently working with advertisers on a new mobile ad campaign, and has recently launched a new app which provides real-time information about mobile ad usage.

“With a growing amount of data we’re able to deliver insights on our mobile ad sales to our clients and clients can use these insights to identify which campaigns are best for them,” AppAdvisors CEO, James Karpman, said.

He also said that the company was working with mobile ad providers to improve the targeting and targeting experience.

“We’re seeing this growth in targeting, we’re seeing advertisers looking at targeting to specific audiences, and using mobile ads as a way to reach their audiences,” he added.

Mobile ad spend is currently increasing by 7% year-on-year in the US.

But, AppAdruses research shows some trends are starting to emerge.

The report shows that the number one mobile ad target in the country is people over the age of 65, and that mobile phone use has increased by more than 50% over the last three years.

“These trends show that the ad industry needs to be focused on targeting the younger consumers, and it’s a problem that’s starting to show up in the market,” Shipt told the BBC.

“It’s the future of the business, but we need to take it seriously.”

He said that while the market has become more mobile-centric, the market still has room for growth.

“I think mobile is definitely a growth area for advertisers,” he told the broadcaster.

“You’ve got advertisers looking for ways to reach younger audiences, you’ve got companies looking to reach the middle aged market,

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