How to make a health ad for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The Apple Watch is expected to hit the market this year and it’s not just a smartwatch.

Apple is planning to launch its own fitness band, a new Health app, and a new “smart” home hub.

But the Apple Watch isn’t the only smartwatch you’ll be able to buy in 2018.

There are also smartwatches for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

Here’s how to make the most of each.1.

Apple Watch: It’s a smartwrist-like device with a bunch of sensors and sensors on the outside.

The Apple watch can track your heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, and even your blood pressure.

It can even monitor your sleep patterns.

Its smart features include sleep tracking and alarm notifications.

But you can’t see it, because it’s hidden behind a tiny button on the wrist.

But if you want to see the Apple watch, you’ll need to have an Apple Watch app installed on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.2.

iPhone 6 Plus: Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be the first smartwatch with built-in GPS, accelerometers, and other sensors.

The iPhone 6Plus will have all these sensors built into it and it will be able track your steps, heart rate and even temperature.

The 6 Plus has the same sensors as the iPhone 5S, which means it’ll track your calories burned and even tell you how many steps you’ve taken.3.

iPad Pro: Apple has been slowly working on a new tablet for a while now, and the iPad Pro is just the latest addition.

It will include a new Touch ID fingerprint scanner that will let you unlock your iPad Pro without ever opening the iPad itself.

Apple’s tablet’s also got new cameras, Wi-Fi, and LTE, among other new features.4.

Mac: Macs are the most popular computer in the world.

They’re powerful, have lots of RAM, and are a huge part of the tech world.

But in 2018, the Macs will finally be available in the U.S. They’ll be $1,000 cheaper than the Windows 8 PCs and they’ll also come with Touch ID.5.

Macbook Air: Apple unveiled the new Macbook this year, and it’ll have the same processor and RAM as the MacBook Pro.

The Air is just as powerful as the Macbook Pro, but it’s a little bit lighter.

It’ll be available at $1.29 per gigabyte for the 16GB model and $1 per gigabytes for the 32GB model.6.

iPhone 7 Plus: The iPhone 7 has a similar processor to the iPhone 7, but Apple has made some minor changes to the processor, including making the iPhone’s processor twice as powerful.

It also has a much better camera than the iPhone 8.

The new iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7-inch display with a 1,920×1,080 resolution and 4K video, but the iPhone 9 will come with a 5.7.

inch screen with a 1440×2160 resolution and a 5MP rear camera.

The 9 will also have the newest “Metal” design, a matte finish that Apple claims will help it resist scratches.7,8.

Mac Mini: Apple is expanding the Mac mini into a laptop-like form factor with the new 10-inch Mac Mini.

It’s smaller and lighter than the MacBook Air and it has a faster processor.

The 10-in.

model is now available for $1 (up from $1) per gig.

Mac mini is also getting a touch-screen keyboard, which is a nice touch for Apple.9.

iPad Mini: The iPad Mini is just a bit bigger than the 10- and 16-inch iPad Mini models.

It is a touch screen keyboard with Retina display.

The Mini has an 8.3-inch Retina Display.

It has a 5-megapixel rear camera, a USB-C port, and 2GB of RAM.

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