How to get paid to watch a game

The NFL’s digital advertising strategy isn’t as lucrative as some might have hoped.

The NFL is the only league in the United States that is paying players to watch games, and it is still in the process of testing that out, a source familiar with the league’s digital strategy told ESPN.

The NFL has been working on a new digital strategy for about a year now, with teams being asked to pay for the rights to run digital ads on their websites and mobile apps.

This is in addition to the $1.2 billion in annual ad revenue the NFL already generates from its television network and the $50 million it gets from sponsorships.

But the league doesn’t have enough data to prove that digital advertising has the potential to help pay for players to play, the source said.

In some cases, the NFL has paid players for their use of the network or app, which could prove useful in developing new strategies for developing its own digital advertising.

For example, the league may want to pay players to take part in live streaming of the game or provide live streams of key moments during games.

Or, it could try to pay its players for sharing a post on social media with the team or for sharing links to the NFL’s website.

This could be a good opportunity for the league to test new digital advertising and create new ways for its players to be engaged with the sport, the person familiar with its digital strategy said.

If the NFL is able to monetize the use of its network and app, it will have to do so on a case-by-case basis, the player source said, adding that the league is “working on a plan” for how it will use the data it collects from its players.

But the NFL would have to be willing to give up some revenue streams for the data, the other source said — and not only that, but the data has to be “very well understood and trusted” before it can be used.

The league is testing different ways to monetise its players, but one of the first things it will likely do is test out a new ad system called “NFL Live,” according to a source who has been privy to the leagues digital strategy.

It’s being worked on in conjunction with CBS Interactive and Fox News, according to the source, who said that the NFL will use NFL Live to test and test other ways to develop new ways to connect fans with the NFL.

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