How to be an effective radio advertiser in India

The digital media giant Microsoft has a big plan to compete in India, with a new strategy to sell the latest software updates and applications on the digital platforms of its competitors.

Microsoft is looking to tap into the popularity of digital platforms such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, which offer a number of services such as apps for Windows phones, and it wants to leverage its presence on the platforms to drive sales and gain a foothold in the Indian market.

This is in contrast to the traditional media landscape where a media platform will be considered as an integral part of a media business.

“We believe that Microsoft is poised to take the Indian marketplace to the next level,” Amit Bansal, head of global digital marketing at Microsoft India, told ET.

“We will launch an advertising campaign on Microsoft’s digital platforms with a focus on new Microsoft products and services, including the upcoming Xbox One console.

This will help us to drive additional sales through digital channels.”

The move comes at a time when India’s digital advertising ecosystem is in a state of flux as companies such as Adiabatic and DigitalTampico have launched new services and applications to cater to the digital needs of consumers.

This year alone, Microsoft has launched several new digital ad platforms, including Windows Media Player, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Live.

But Microsoft has been slow to build its digital presence in India and the company has been largely unsuccessful in reaching the country.

The digital ad market in India is very fragmented, and there are multiple channels to promote its products and brands.

So, the company will be targeting India’s online market, especially in areas like retail and digital media.

“As the market continues to mature and grow, Microsoft is committed to supporting the digital ad ecosystem in India,” Bansal said.

“This includes creating and maintaining a digital ad platform with a strong focus on digital advertising and driving digital revenue through our digital platforms.”

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