How to avoid getting a fake beauty brand makeup advertisement

It was just a matter of time before someone on Twitter decided to capitalize on the craze, and a makeup brand was born.

As it turns out, that someone is the makeup brand’s PR manager, Katie Krijnen.

Krijaens first noticed the beauty brand on Instagram a few days ago, and now she’s on a mission to get rid of the brand’s name and promote the new beauty brand called Tarte.

Kriejnens team of social media and makeup creators and Instagrammers are doing everything they can to create the brand with Tarte’s branding, and she’s already reached out to brands like Lancôme, Lancômes cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, and MAC Cosmies, all of which are looking to remove the brand.

The Tarte campaign launched today on Instagram, and the brand has already reached more than 7,000 followers.

Kari Lehmann/Kriejnen says she got the idea for Tarte from a tweet from makeup artist Stephanie Schulz.

KRIJENNS PR MANAGER, KRIJAENSON: I saw the tweet and thought, “wow, this is cool.”

And then I was like, “well, who are they?”

So I went on Instagram and went, “Hey, who’s the brand that makes this stuff?,” and I found out they’re called TARTERS.

“KRI JENNA: The team has created a series of promotional videos with the hashtag #TarteAllDay, where Kriejaens artists show how Tarte looks in a wide range of colors.

TARTER: Every day, I go to my closet and buy more foundation, I buy more lipstick, I put more foundation on my face, and I put my lipstick on my lips.

And it just kind of feels good.

KRYEJENS: So when you see a Tarte product on the shelves, you just get a little bit excited because you’re like, hey, I’ve got something that looks amazing, and it’s Tarte and I love Tarte products.

I can’t wait to see what other brands are coming up with.

KREJENN: So for me, it’s just the whole experience of getting Tarte that is really interesting, and we’re excited to see other brands come up with their own versions of Tarte, and other brands try them.

KLIHENNS: It was actually a really fun time when we were first getting started, because we had the opportunity to do our own videos and share the process of how we created our brand, and Tarte really helped us.

KLEHENNNS: We just want to say thanks to Tarte for giving us this platform to help us.

It’s really fun.

KRAJANEN: And it was really fun for us to be able to share what we do with TARTERY and the brands that are creating their own beauty products.

KLESEN: You can actually be on Instagram with TÉARTERS products.

It just makes the whole process so much more fun.

[audience laughter] KRI JAENNA, FACEBOOK: And I really feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person.

I think I’m a much more mature person now and I’m actually a much better person.

KLHENNA/KRIJANSON: It’s kind of like being a grown-up, you know, just like, you’re the leader in your own house, and you have all these great friends, and then you get into this business and then the things that come along with it, and all of these people are just really amazing.

It makes you appreciate the world and everything that you have, and that’s really exciting.

KJELMUSSEN: I can finally be myself again, because I’m not afraid to be me.

I’m very open and open-minded and really open to the world.

KLAUSEN: That’s all Kriejas job.

KLEYJEN: Tarte is a great company to work for, and they have a lot of people who are super passionate about their work.

KKIRKES: I was really excited when I found that the company was already doing it, because they’ve done it before.

I was kind of blown away.

I mean, I thought, wow, I didn’t think that could actually happen.

I just got to work with this great company.

And I think it’s really cool.

And the other thing is, they have so many people on their team, and these people can be so great, and so many things are happening on their teams.

KLOJENEN: It is so cool to have a company that I can be a part of.

KLSEN: The brand is so different, it has this amazing, playful, super cute feel.

KLUJENJENAN: I think you just need to do

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