How ‘Puffery’ is taking over Australia

It’s a new breed of advertising.

Puffers are now being used in Australia to sell the ads of companies like ABC, News Limited and News Corp, and are also being used to promote new products.

Key points:Puffing up is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as the advertising market is dominated by traditional media companiesPuffering has also been used by internet and technology companiesPuffs are becoming increasingly common as traditional media giants try to lure advertisersPuffer ads are used to boost brand loyaltyPuff advertising has also become increasingly popular as traditional Media giants try in the hope of driving more clicks in their websites.

While the advertising industry has been on the back foot for some time, with the digital market struggling to get going and traditional media struggling to keep up, the use of advertising in Australia has been gaining ground.

With traditional media in decline and online giants such as Google and Facebook struggling to attract advertisers, traditional media are finding ways to get more eyeballs.

Advertisers are also finding ways around traditional advertising laws to get their adverts to Australians.

“It’s becoming a more common thing, it’s just become a part of everyday life,” advertising expert Paul Larkin said.

“We’re starting to see advertising being used by both big brands and small brands.”

Pufferies are a new way of getting the adverts across to peoplePufferers are essentially advertising in the form of a puff.

While it’s not quite the same as a newspaper ad, it is similar in that the puff is used to give an impression that the ad is more relevant to the user.

“I would say that it’s the first step towards mainstreaming the puff,” Dr Larkin explained.

“If you have a news story, for example, and you have the word ‘puff’ in it, the puff will give a more prominent effect.”

The word puff is more important to people than the headline.

“Puffs also give a sense of authenticity and authority to the advertisement, as if they are a product of a specific place.”

There’s no question that there are people who do this, and they’re getting paid,” Dr Darnell said.

He said that in some cases, puffing is used by people to attract people to their sites or services, as a way to get them to click on their ads.”

That’s how you build a website, right?

“Dr Larkins said.

While this type of advertising is a relatively new phenomenon, there are some major players who are using puffery to try and increase their audience.”

Puff is an advertising format that is really gaining traction in the advertising world, and it’s used to increase brand loyalty,” Dr Dr Larnins said

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