Google has ‘no intention’ of shutting down ad platforms, CEO says

The internet giant has been trying to shut down some of the most popular ad services, but CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview published Tuesday that the company has “no intention” of shutting them down.

“The question is what we need to do to make that happen,” he said.

“We have to find the right solution to the problem of the internet.”

He added that Google would continue to invest in the development of ad products.

“Our commitment is not just to offer more ad services for advertisers, it’s to make sure that the ad service ecosystem continues to evolve,” Pichah said.

He added: “We are not going to shut off all the ad services that we currently provide.”

The company is expected to release a report on Tuesday detailing the performance of its ad products, which it describes as “a mix of advertising technology and user experience.”

It has been using a similar strategy with Google AdSense, which uses a different method to determine what to show.

In the Pichaa interview, Pichay said that the platform was still experimenting with “different kinds of ad models,” including one that allowed advertisers to place “unlimited” ads.

“When we look at the ads that are created, we will be able to offer an unlimited number of ads that we will pay for, and that will not be seen by the user,” Puchai said.

The company did not release a full list of its advertisers.

“Google AdSense is a unique service that has evolved over the years,” he added.

Pichais statement follows a report earlier Tuesday by The New York Times that said the company was trying to figure out a way to offer advertisers more control over their ads, including by letting them choose the placement of their ads.

Puchay declined to comment on the Times report.

The Times article also said that Google is considering allowing advertisers to use its AdSense platform to create custom ads.

The Wall Street Journal reported in August that the tech giant was working to build a system to allow advertisers to create their own ads based on their own interests and preferences.

The report said that Pichae had said that ad-makers could be allowed to create ads tailored to individual users, which could allow them to sell ads to more than one person.

But Pichakis statement is likely to come as a blow to the company that relies heavily on ad revenues, which are a key revenue source for the company.

PICHAIES PRESS SECURITY SECURITIES The Wall St. Journal report comes after the company disclosed a security breach last month that exposed user data, including email addresses, passwords and other information.

It said that it had learned of a breach of the personal data of nearly 4 million users and that hackers had stolen personal data from more than 700 million Google accounts.

Google had initially disclosed the breach, saying that the data had been stolen in August 2015.

The breach came amid mounting pressure from consumer groups, consumer-protection groups and others, who have accused the company of not doing enough to prevent it.

Google has also faced a backlash in the US, where some lawmakers have called for a tougher crackdown on online piracy.

Google recently added a $1 fee to its AdWords program for merchants who have removed counterfeit products from their websites.

The service allows users to pay a percentage of the purchase price to advertisers.

The latest breach has brought new pressure on Google, which has struggled to attract new advertisers in the face of stiff competition from Amazon and Facebook.

In an effort to bolster its efforts, Puchays new chief executive officer Eric Schmidt is expected on Monday to deliver a keynote address to the Google+ social network, a major platform for its social networking service.

The New Republic reported in July that Schmidt will serve as interim CEO.

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