Advertisers’ desperation to reach consumers in India

Indian advertisers are struggling to reach their customers in India, and it’s not just because of the ongoing drought.

A number of them are desperate to reach people who have already shown an interest in a product or service they’re selling.

This is the story of two ad companies that tried to get a foothold in India with little success.1.

IndiegogoThe idea of Indiegogogo was a bit of a dream come true for Adi Kondapalli, the founder and CEO of a Bangalore-based digital marketing agency.

He was working as a software engineer in India and the idea of building a company was a good fit for him.

“I thought it was going to be a bit hard, and I knew that my time there was going a bit short,” Kondapsili said.

But after talking to a few investors and clients, he decided to take a risk.

Kondapsillos initial plan was to set up a small company in Bangalore and build out a digital marketing team.

In the end, the team grew to 100 people and the company is now called Indiegologogo.2.

AajigamAn ad agency based in Delhi, Aajiggam had a similar plan in mind when it began offering an ad service in India.

The company, based in Mumbai, was started by a group of young professionals.

It started as a small ad agency in 2008.

The team grew from around 10 to 20 people and now has about 100 employees.

The team’s first product, the ad-centric website called TheAajigambam, went live in 2014.

A few months later, the agency started a second product, Aagambam.

Both products, Aavambam and Aagammal, focus on selling products on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Aajagam website is still active.

But the Aajogam team is in the process of building out the third product, which will focus on providing personalized and relevant ads for businesses.

“We started with Facebook ads and later expanded to Twitter and now to Facebook.

We have a Facebook page and a Twitter page and are constantly adding new ones,” said the CEO of Aajuggam.

The third product will be launched in the coming days.

Aajiggams main customer is a Bangalore based company called Naxalab.

It wants to sell the products and services that are sold on its website and on a platform called Nazeel, which allows users to share them.

“Naxalabs website has over 4,000 products and there are over 100,000 people who come to see it,” said Ajigambas chief marketing officer, Srikanth.

“We also have a platform, called ‘Aagambal,’ where we sell products and content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We are working on an additional product to bring in more users.”

The Aaagambas team has seen more success with its second product than the first one.

It has built up a following on social media and has attracted a number of potential clients who are looking for product-specific services.

It is currently in the final stages of creating its third product.

Aaagammals product-centric strategy will help the agency reach more people through social media, but it will be difficult for it to keep up with the growth of social media in India as a whole.

“The growth of Facebook and Instagram has brought the country to the stage where it’s no longer just a few million users who are consuming the internet.

Now, the country is expanding at a much faster pace and there is a lot of interest from both social media companies and advertisers,” Ajigammas marketing director Srikant Kumar said.

Aas the Aaajigama team is growing, the Aagama team in Bengaluru is not.

The growth in the market has led to more competition and more opportunities for the Aas team to take advantage of.

The Aas marketing team has been in talks with a few of the big social media brands and are now focusing on developing their brand on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, according to Srikanto, the managing director of the Aavagambams marketing team, as well as on Facebook and YouTube and other platforms.

Ajigambams team is also working on expanding its team size in the next couple of months.

“I am optimistic that our brand will be better positioned for the next four years,” Srikants team manager said.

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