AdSense and social media campaigns to be banned in 2018

AdSense has been banned from promoting itself on social media platforms.

The controversial marketing platform is set to be restricted in 2018, following an investigation by the US Government that found it was using misleading advertising on the social network.

A statement from AdSense’s US head of communications, Mark J. Fagan, said the company had received a complaint from a user in the US, who claimed the company was misrepresenting the ads it offered in an attempt to get more people to use AdSense.

“While the company is reviewing the complaint, we are in the process of developing new policies and guidelines to address our policy violations,” he said.

“We have a responsibility to our users to maintain a level of trust and integrity.”

He said AdSense had a “zero tolerance” policy for the practice, which it had not previously reported.

“AdSense believes in respecting the privacy of its users, and we have been working with our partners to address this issue.

AdSense will no longer be offering this type of deceptive advertising,” he added.

“If you are using AdSense in the future, please be aware that AdSense users will no less be protected than any other user by our policies.”

The ad networks that have been found to be promoting misleading advertising include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. 

But, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that it was also monitoring AdSense for violations of the Federal Trade Agreements Act (FTA).

“Adsense is committed to ensuring that it is compliant with its advertising policies, including by taking appropriate enforcement action against anyone who engages in deceptive advertising in connection with AdSense products,” the FTC said in a statement.

“The FTC will take appropriate action against AdSense when it violates its advertising agreements with advertisers or brands that engage in deceptive marketing practices.”

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